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General Spanish courses

Are you ready to learn Spanish and have a good time? Then welcome to the TransCreat Spanish courses in the centre of Madrid.


  • Reduced groups with a minimum of three* students and a maximum of ten
  • All levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Two 90 minute sessions twice a week
  • Aimed at adult students of all nationalities
  • Prices, offers, and timetables can be found in the Prices and Timetables section


Our Spanish courses for all the levels are designed as three month block, approximately, in order to favour the teaching and learning process. During your stay at our school, you will notice how your level of Spanish improves and there will be additional activities available for you to continue learning and so that you can enjoy Madrid in a special way. You will make friends in and out of the classroom.

The minimum number of students to form a group is three, and the maximum number of students per class is ten. Reduced groups encourage learning, given that the teacher is able to dedicate the time necessary to all the students in order to personalise the class.

If the course has already started the course but you would like to join a group, contact us so that we can assess your level of Spanish and we will place you in the most suitable group. At our school, you are the focal point of your own learning process, therefore, you may try a class free of charge to decide whether to stay or not. If you decide to join the class, you will only pay for the classes remaining until the end of the course.

At TransCreat, we are extensively trained in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. You can rest assured that we will work on all the activities of the language and their corresponding strategies whilst learning the language and finding out about the culture: written expression, oral comprehension, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, interaction and communication.

TransCreat School is known for the personalised treatment it offers students and collaborators. Don't hesitate to contact us to resolve any query that you may have.

*If a group does no reach the minimum of three students, or if there are two people that prefer to learn Spanish without the presence of more students, it is also possible to receive classes. In this case, the price varies and the flexibility is greater. Check the Classes For Two column on the Prices and Timetable chart.