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Spanish, leisure and culture

Crystal Palace in the Retiro Park, Madrid, SpainLearn Spanish through leisure and culture. At TransCreat we know that learning Spanish does not take place only in the classroom. We believe in the methodology focused on action and inductive learning, both in and out of the classroom. This may sound very technical and boring, but in reality it means meeting new people, increasing your knowledge and putting everything you already know into practice through innovative and practical educational proposals.


  • Guided tours and workshops on Madrid and other nearby places: There is a lot to see around here, sign up for our tours and tourism workshops adapted to the needs of Spanish students. This way, not only will you improve your Spanish, but you will also discover places that you cannot miss visiting.


Visita a Segovia, aprender español

Trip to Segovia

  • Visits to bodegas: Wine is one of Spain's pleasures. On some Saturdays, we take a bus from Madrid to visit bodegas and do some wine tasting. After the visit, we enjoy a sumptuous meal in good company. Learn everything related to wine before the trip and Salud!


  • Bicycle tours: Get to know Madrid in a different way. We offer a guided tour of the capital adapted to your level of Spanish. Before the tour, we will study the main linguistic aspects so that you can practice and perfect your Spanish during the activity. On your bike!


  • SpeedMeeting: Meeting new people is a very important and enriching aspect to living in foreign country. Test your Spanish in one of our gatherings and enjoy the atmosphere at TransCreat. Get to know us!


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Learning Spanish by cooking

At TransCreat we are open to new suggestions and ideas. For example, are you interested in visiting the museums of Madrid with a didactic activity to broaden your knowledge of Spanish, history and art? Or would you like to participate in a hiking route orientated to Spanish for foreigners? Here you are the centre of your learning process. We are all ears.

It is not necessary to be a student of the school to enrol on these activities. They are open to all non-native speakers wanting to improve their Spanish, meet new people and enjoy a unique experience.